What Are Tips For The Best Transmission Maintenance?

TransAxle will often be asked by those in the greater South Portland area who rely on our team of auto repair mechanics for their automotive expertise and advice, what are the best tips or suggestions for keeping an automatic or manual transmission properly maintained. As such, TransAxle has put together the following list we hope will be useful to anyone in the greater South Portland area who may be wondering about how to properly maintain the transmission in a vehicle.

  • Be certain to have the scheduled maintenance done on the transmission in accordance with the vehicle owner's manual
  • It is best to always have the transmission fluid inspected when having an oil change at TransAxle in South Portland
  • Avoid driving around the surrounding South Portland areas in a vehicle that has little or NO transmission fluid
  • Never switch gears from Drive to Reverse when a vehicle is moving
  • Wheels should not be spun on vehicles that have Front Wheel Drive
  • When experiencing a transmission problem it is best to not drive the vehicle as doing so may result in additional damage or harm
  • It is always best practice not to "drag race" a vehicle as doing so puts unnecessary strain on an automatic transmission
  • Unless a a vehicle is an automatic 4x4 or All Wheel, it is not recommended to drive in 4x4 range on dry asphalt
  • Prior to shifting gear into another range it is always recommended to come to a complete stop first
  • When driving around the greater South Portland area with a Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive vehicle it is best to not drive with mismatched tire sizes or on spare tires

TransAxle hopes that these tips on transmission maintenance have been helpful to anyone in the greater South Portland area who has an interest in how best to maintain a transmission. If you live in the greater South Portland area and need an auto repair or service, TransAxle invites you to schedule online!